One Fan's Story Of A Visit To The Old Firm Away

Hi there Sport Fans,

I started off with my £10 bet on United 1-1 (woo hoo), got the train from deepest darkest Lanarkshire and arrived in
Glasgow all kilted up and ready for the game.

Got the U-ground wi' Methilhill, got a programme and he headed off tae his pub and I headed off tae mine (was meeting a few bluenoses in a local pub) had two hours of laughs before the game (only thing that spoilt it was the 1st half o the Celtic game on the telly!)

Got tae Ibrox and had the usual collection of jakies giving us verbal in our smaller than usual away end. After said jakies were reminded that the pitch was in front of them (Some had to be told at least 5 times by police and stewards!) the game started.

The game itself could have went either way in the 1st half and in my view we weren’t as positive as I would have liked. Fortunately for us Rangers couldnae hit a coo’s butt wi' a banjo in the 1st half and the pressure that Jarvie was under he dealt with both professionally and with skill and grace that would defy his inexperience.

The second half was end to end stuff and for once I cannot complain about the officiating. The refs were even handed and despite the odd gripe, I had no complaints. Rangers pressed and got their reward when Jarvie (who had been faultless up till then) was beaten by a Novo screamer which flew into the top corner. Rangers pressed but could not kill the game. McCall made changes and United piled on the pressure.
Wilson put a free kick straight into Klos hands - and as Greyskull was emptying faster than rats deserting a sinking ship, Robson pinged a great free kick in to set the equaliser and sent the Arabs into jubilation! Rangers pressed after that but in the end it finished 1-1.

Had a safe journey out of Govan and reminded what a place that must be to live by the depressing buildings on offer! Went to sports cafe to watch NFL and the end o the Man Utd game and came home a very happy Arab!

£20 on a ticket! - Well Spent