Last updated : 28 January 2006 By United Mad

Well it’s finally happened – we’ve taken a point from the green and grey wan-shoes fae Glasgow. It had to happen sooner or later, and today, after 24 (TWENTY FOUR) straight defeats from them, we finally did it.

It was looking bleak with around 15 minutes to go – 3-1 down away from home and Septic about to bring on Roy Keane.

We’d just brought on Lee Miller and it was he, who made the score 3-2 on 82 minutes, giving all of us hope, and inspiring Gordon Strachan to change his mind about bringing Keane on! He was about to introduce the ex-Manchester United star to try and hold United at 3-1, and RK was actually stripped to enter the field of play when Miller scored, and Strachan left his forwards on instead.

Man of the Match David Fernandez had the final say however, rounding the ‘keeper on 88 minutes to level the score at 3-3, sending Arabians up and down the country wild, and sending one well-known Arabian straight out of the Parkhead hospitality and out of the ground – so exuberant was his celebration!!

So that’s it. Game over and a well-deserved point. Our first against them for about five hundred years. It’s actually the first time we’ve scored three at Parkhead for twenty years too, and we played well into the bargain. Another stat – is that that’s the first time we have taken a point at Parkhead since 1998! So, ok, it may only be a draw, and that in itself is nothing to get too excited about – it’s the manner of the draw and what it means. Late late goals, the first point at Parkhead in eight years, the first time we’ve scored three at Parkhead for twenty years, and only the fifth time we’ve scored three in the league there ever.

Brewster said after the game that he thought his team were ‘immense’ and he sounded very pleased with the overall performance.