For the second week running, United have appeared one place below their actual league placing on the Dundee FC official site.

It could be a mistake. But I doubt it. For the second week running, Dundee FC's official site has placed United one place lower in the league than they should be. This week we are bottom on goal difference, despite being second bottom on every other league table, as our goal diference is superior to the team BELOW us, Livingston.

Being second bottom, or bottom, is certainly nothing to crow about, but that's not the point. The point is that it would appear that Dundee FC are using their official site to 'have a go' at United. No doubt if the matter was brought up through the official channels they would cite the building of their newly launched website, and it's teething troubles, as the reason for the error, but we all know the truth. They can't even conduct their official site in a manner appropriate to professionalism.

It's no oversight. It's no accidental error, it's an unprofessional club using IT'S OFFICIAL SITE to goad the opposition by publishing deliberate factual errors, two weeks running.

One would expect lesser sites, fan sites, to make such errors, but not an official site. If it's an error, then they should correct it, and I have emailed them by means of notification. But as i said, they did the same thing last week even though the tables have changed since then. I find it very strange that they can't work out United's goal difference don't you? All other clubs (Livi excepted as they too are misplaced by us) are in the correct position.

It's shabby at the very least, pathetic and unprofessional at the worst.