Ritchie Due Comeback, Kerr Dropped.

Paul Ritchie, the defender signed after he quit Walsall over the summer, who suffered a broken collarbone in his debut against Livi when only 10 minutes into the game, is due to make a return this Sunday at Ibrox, though McCall reckons he has a selection headache, though with our defence leaking 20 goals a game (at least it seems like it) how much of a headache can it be? Ritchie looked strong in his reserve and (brief) first team outings, and should surely start, although to be fair, McCall will have more awareness of the player’s true fitness. If he’s fit though…..

Mark Kerr, who has had a bad run of form recently, is to be dropped for several games, in an effort to boost the player’s confidence. The same tactic was employed last season, to some effect, and let’s hope that Kerr gets his head together and gets himself sorted out and makes a strong comeback.

United have made a very poor start to the season – not only losing heavily, but playing in a fashion which can only be described as unspirited. Come on Ian McCall, you were brought in to Tannadice largely because of your ability to motivate individual players/the whole team, and last season it worked. Were you a ‘one hit wonder’? No? Show us what yer made of then! Get yer team selections right, get yer team fired up, and play yer best 11, because if this run of lacklustre performances continues you will lose the support of the Arab faithful. We can handle losing, (we’re not Arsenal after all), but we won’t put up with half-hearted performances. Get it sorted.