Eddie Unhappy At Late Postponement

The press are calling Eddie's reaction as 'furious'. I doubt it. Eddie Thompson is a sensible and sound gentleman unlikely to be throwing dummies out of prams under any circumstances. However, he has made a formal complaint to the SFA over the late postponement of the cup tie at Gretna yesterday.

"I am out several thousand pounds, but I am more upset at the 620 fans who were asked to make the journey – does anyone care about them? I told [the SFA] we needed a decision by 9.30am, but we were told that a second pitch inspection was required at 3.00pm, and were obliged to travel in dangerous conditions when everyone but the SFA seemed to know what the forecast was.

"I don't expect a reply from the SFA, far less an apology, but the next time we are due to play them, we will demand to know whether the game is on or off well in advance."

Rowan Alexander, the Gretna manager, accused United of 'having a gripe', although he went on to say it 'was one of those things', and in this writer's view, it was, although Eddie's frustration is wholly understandable, being out of pocket due to travel and hotel expenses, not to mention the inconvenience of having to travel in atrocious weather conditions.

This is of course typical of the SFA, who in my opinion couldn't run a bus stop on a country lane.

The tie is now due to be played next monday with a 7.45pm kick-off. I'll bet there isn't a late postponement next week! Although with the SFA running things anything could happen.