Daft couple decide to call baby daughter after hero striker

She's probably the only baby girl in Scotland to be called after a musclebound 6ft 2in centre forward.

But little Daly Rattray chose her own name – by doing an impression of Dundee United striker Jon Daly while she was still in the womb.

In fact, she would have been called Jon Daly if she’d been a boy.

The fans at Tannadice, including Daly’s United-daft parents Gary and Susan, love to sing “put your hands up for Jon Daly” in honour of the Irish cult hero’s trademark goal celebration.

And before Susan went for a scan at nine weeks, Gary joked that they should call the baby Jon Daly if it had its hands up in the picture.

Susan said: “I told him not to be silly and said the baby would be so tiny we wouldn’t be able to see.

“But the first thing the midwife said was, ‘Oh, look at that! Your baby has its hands in the air!’

“We both burst out laughing and Gary wouldn’t stop going on about calling it after Big Jon.

“When we realised I was having a girl he said we should call her Daly instead.

“Jon is our favourite player. He’s scored more than 50 goals and was part of the 2010 cup winning team.

“He’s a bit of a legend.”

Daly already has her first United kit and is going to her first game with mum, dad and big sister Candice, eight, next Saturday if the weather’s not too cold.

The club definitely runs in the family. Susan, 28, and Gary, 25, first met on a United supporters’ bus. And Susan reckons Daly won’t be getting much choice about which team she follows when she’s older.

She said with a smile: “Daly was born at 1.20am on Friday and by 9am she had a season ticket. Gary was down at Tannadice for the shop opening.

“There’s no doubt what team she’ll be supporting and there’s absolutely no way she’ll ever be a Dundee fan. That’s just not happening!

“We can’t wait to take her to her first game. I just hope it’s not too cold.

“We go to lots of supporters’ club nights out and sometimes the players come along.

“So hopefully Daly can meet her namesake soon.”

Big Jon, 29, was proud as punch when told about Gary and Susan’s tribute.

He said: “It’s nice to think that people think that highly of you. It’s very flattering and very touching.

“It’s really funny that she had her hands up in the scan. She must have been a United fan before she was born!”