Well, for a start, it's derby week. Say no more. Well I would say no more, but that would be the end of this article! So I'd best carry on....

Every Arab who's not been in a kibbutz for the last two years knows that we've not won a derby in the last eight attempts. That is an absolutely shocking statistic considering some of the trouble DFC have had, our new manager and board, and our new signings. We should have won more of those games, but like in many other games, we haven't been taking our chances. I remember one derby in particular, and it was the one directly after all the boycott talk. It finished 2-2, and I think possession in that game must have been 70/30 in favour of United (I can't find the actual stats, but it was a very one sided game). Some stats I can find: Goal attempts United 18 - 5 Dundee, on target 13 - 5, corners United 7 - 3 Dundee and so on. Dundee went up the pitch twice in the first half, and scored twice. Unbelievable. We've been unlucky in other games too. Dundee are looking quite sharp at the moment, and you have to say they are favourites.

We have a couple of other 'wee' games too this coming week. The derby on Saturday is followed by a CIS Cup semi-final against Rangers - a team we have done surprisingly well against of late, better than we've done against Dundee in fact! And following that, another trip to the Borders to play Queen of the South in the 4th round of the Scottish Cup. Our season, to some extent, rests on this coming week.

Tickets are now available for the derby and CIS Semi, with the QOS game being pay at the gate. I hope you've neen saving up!

I expect, as usual for United, for our success to be mixed in these games. I hope we win them all. We might. But I've followed United for too long to expect that!