Last updated : 17 January 2006 By United Mad

Dave Bowman was yesterday (Monday 16th January) released by Dundee United.

Although he received the news over the telephone, it is understood that the chairman, Eddie Thompson, had called Mr Bowman to invite him into Tannadice, but Mr Bowman demanded to know what was happening during this telephone conversation, and Mr Thompson told him that he was released there and then, over the telephone, as had been Mr Bowman’s request.

I have to say that it’s terribly disappointing the such a legend as Dave Bowman should ever have to feel any disharmony with the club he played so well for, but at the same time, the club employed Craig Brewster, and it will have been Craig’s decision who to have on the coaching staff.

Eddie Thompson has been taking flak over this as you can imagine, with the press having a field day – how they love a scandal – it helps sell papers don’t you know! But it was only Eddie who made the call, a call, which was to invite Dave Bowman in for a face-to-face discussion. It was not, one would have to believe, Eddie’s decision to release him.

Eddie, as usual, has acted in an honest and gentlemanly way, but yet again, perhaps through naiveté, perhaps through circumstance (possibly a little of both) the press have a large target at which to aim their jagged poisoned scribes.

United Mad wishes Dave Bowman all the best in his future endeavours, whatever they may be, and whomever they may be with, but one thing is unshakeable – Dave ‘Psycho’ Bowman will always, always hold a special place for those who witnessed the great teams in which he played.

God bless ya Psycho.