Wishae Arab

Message Board Name: Wishae_Arab and another couple

Location: exiled to deepest Lanarkshire. Moved here to work in 1985 and never returned.

Supporters Club? Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Stirling Arabs (website)

How long have you been an Arab? approx 30 years

All time favourite United Player: Graeme Payne

Current Favourite Player? Craig Easton

Best game attended: Dens league triumph of 1983

Favourite pre-match boozer? Airlie arms when it's quiet!

Hopes for the future of United? Best of the rest? Stablity, return to regular European competition (the nearest I ever have got to an away European game was the pre-season never to be repeated jaunt to Amsterdam last season)

One thing that would improve DUFC? Improved communications at all levels of the club

Anything else? Standing in the Shed!