Weegie Arab

Message Board Name: Weegie Arab

Location: Glasgow funnily enough

How long have you been an Arab? All my life, though I suffered a prolonged non attendance until 2 years ago when the GLS arabs bus started up again.

All time favourite United Player: Maurice Malpas

Current Favourite Player? Derek Lilley - just because of the work rate he puts in, best attitude on the pitch.

Best game attended: The 2-3 St Johnstone game, for the range of emotions I went through during it (though the half of the winning the league at Dens match I saw will alway rate a mention)

Favourite pre-match boozer? Airlie

Hopes for the future of United? To continue to manage bringing through promising home grown youngsters and have a competitive team in time for the OF G'ingTF

One thing that would improve DUFC? Replacing past achievements with a current one (i.e. winning something and not having to look back all the time to find something to feel good about)