Red Star Arab

Location: Invergowrie,Dundee
(not Perthshire or Perth and Kinross, who comes up wi these stupid ideas?)

How long have you been an Arab? About 14 years.
Rescued and nurtured back to mental health by a loving uncle at the age of 5 after receiving a Celtic top and scarf from my next door neighbour and asking my mum if i could go to Parkhead.

All time favourite United Player: Hmmmm Brewster, Doddsy, Olaffson,Main my favouroite changes every 15 minutes but at the moment im going for Erik Pedersen as the guy was a great laugh and pure class.

Current Favourite Player? Same as above, changes all the time but currently its probably Thommo (unless he leaves in which case hes a ****)run very close by Hammy, cant wait to see him back in the first team.

P.S. totally would have been Aljofree if we hadnae let him go.

Best game attended: These sort of questions always get me pissed off because of the games ive missed. My uncle claims i was at the UEFA cup final but im not convinced, too sick for Hampden 94 and on a school trip for the Partick game. Having said all that its going to have to be Saints 2 seasons ago just for the contrast between how shit i felt at half time and how good i felt when i was running on the pitch at full time. Then having a drink with some of the players in Sessions on the Sunday just made that whole weekend.

Favourite pre-match boozer? Ever since discovering the Centenary was a M***s bar(these things should have a red cross painted on the door) it has to be The Troll on Arklay St.

Hopes for the future of United? Dont think its in any way unrealistic for us to be challenging for Europe every season and getting to a few cup finals, fuck all this "as long as we finish above Dundee" attitude.

One thing that would improve DUFC? I'm going to get absolutely torn apart for this so ill whisper it. Could we not go back to black and white strips.... i hate tangerine...

Anything else?
Terracing in the shed.