Message Board Name: MdA90
 Location: Dundee/ St.Andrews
 How long have you been an Arab? Since I wiz born
 All time favourite United Player: Dave Narey/ Luggy
 Current Favourite Player? Derek Lilley
 Best game attended: UEFA Cup 2nd leg V Borrusia Monchengladbach the 5-0 Gemme, Bannon's goal wiz a peach!!
 Favourite pre-match boozer? Fairmuir Clubbie Then The Taxi Clubbie
 Hopes for the future of United? To pish on the old Firm And the mince
 One thing that would improve DUFC? Improve the  Pre match atmosphere get rid
o' that Stupid lion and its Sidekick & Banish Ruby tae Dense!!!
 Anything else? Buys Shares in United, And piss on the Dees Every week!!