Lochee Arab

Message Board Name: Lochee Arab

Location: Kirkton(temporarily, will be back in Lochee soon)

Supporters' Club? Galatasarab FC - website here.

How Long Have You Been An Arab? All my life, im 28.

All time favourite United Player: Probably Eammon Bannon or John Clark. Best player has to be Luggy.

Current Favourite Player? Thommo is up there just now but i also like Gall's attitude towards the fans.

Best game attended: Dont think you can ever say one game is the best. All have great moments but if I have to catogorise a game then it is May '94, Hampden for obvious reasons.

Favourite pre-match boozer? Currently under negotiation.

Hopes for the future of United? European Football would be a start.

One thing that would improve DUFC? Better players.

Anything else? If people from Poland are called Poles, why aren’t people from Holland called Holes?