Leeds Arab

Message board name: Leeds Arab

Location: erm..... Leeds

How long an Arab:
58 years. Seven years old and sneaked in over the Sandeman Street fence. Ripped my breeks and got a leathering. Because of which I perversely chose to stick with Utd rather than follow my glory-hunting mates who chose to go elsewhere. And not for one minute since have I regretted that choice!

Favourite part of the ground:
East Stand. A far cry from my early days, when the North Terracing was just a big earth hill with railway sleepers stuck in as kind of terraces. And rickety wooden crush barriers which swayed alarmingly every time some wee laddies leaned on them!

All time favourite United player:
hard question, but Erik has to be in there. No need to explain why.....

Current favourite player:
having seen the team just once this season, I haven't a clue. All I know is it ain't Lauchlan.....

Best game attended:
That wet windy night when we won the Bell's League Cup for the first time - with the venue being the icing on the cake! Cried like a baby......

Favourite pre-match boozer: Airlie lounge (yeah, right!)

Hopes for United’s future:
To settle into some kind of pattern, preferably a winning one.

One thing to improve DUFC:
get back tae Nicoll's pehs, and watch the crowd increase dramatically.......