Message Board Name: Jingsy

Location: Montrose

How long have you been an Arab? 15 years

Supporters' Club? Aye, East Angus Arabs. Website here...

All time favourite United Player: Brooooooooooster #10 (god to his friends)

Current Favourite Player? No-one does it for me right now....but, probably Griffin

Best game attended: Apart from the Cup Final (Brewster 47 mins), I would say the St J's game, a great day oot for the EAA lads, the actual 90mins was every emotion

Favourite pre-match boozers? (in order) Northern Vaults, Frews, 3 Barrels, Northern Vaults

Hopes for the future of United? More youngsters coming through, finish above 'Dee each season, steady top 5 finish, few cups, more fans coming back.

One thing that would improve DUFC? Better pehs, on line shop, ET shellin' oot for players, re-sign Brooooster

Anything else? Aye, HTT-FTD

Jingsy is the one on the right.
Jingsy !!