Message Board Name: Drumarab

Location: Glasgow - although I am a real live Dundonian.

How long have you been an Arab?
All my life. First saw them play agains't Hearts a Tannadice in Nov. 68.(won

All time favourite United Player: Possibly Andy Gray. An absolute hero when I was a kid.

Current Favourite Player?
Charlie when he's on form/sober etc

Best game attended: Very difficult there's been so many. Probably the Gothenburg finals. The game in Sweden was great. The whole experience of being in a European final and travelling 36 hours in a bus is one i'll never forget. 'Proud to be an Arab'- you'd beter believe it!

Favourite pre-match boozer? Nowadays it's the Airlie - home of the Wedgious Aribus.

Hopes for the future of United? To get a settled club that can compete regularly with the rest of the league.

And, for the return of regular European football.

One thing that would improve DUFC? Standing in the Shed again. The atmosphere would be far better.

Anything else? The bigot brothers moving to another league - anywhere!