Dundee United FC and Dundee FC War Memorial

Today an email was sent to Mr Alex Scott, Senior Policy Officer at Dundee City Council regarding a possible memorial to the war dead from both clubs. Lets get the ball rolling on this.

Text of email:

Dear Mr Scott,

Recently two groups of supporters of Dundee Football Club and Dundee United Football Club began a discussion regarding the war dead from both clubs, i.e. both players and supporters.

It was noted that there is no specific football memorial to these brave men anywhere within the City of Dundee.

Although we are in the early stages, the websites www.dundee-mad.co.uk and www.dundeeunited-mad.co.uk would like to begin a campaign to rectify this situation in order that future generations of football fans in the City do not forget the sacrifices made on their behalf long before they were born.

There are obviously some major issues with this plan, but we would like some advice please on how Dundee City Council could support such a scheme. We are not looking for funding (although any offer would be welcomed) as we will raise every last penny ourselves if required but we would certainly need support in terms of a location, planning and council opinion.

The locations we had thought may be suitable were a city centre location or a spot which is equidistant from both Dens Park and Tannadice Park.

At this early stage we would simply like to know the thoughts of the council on such a memorial and whether a suitable site could be identified from the council end. It is certainly a scheme we feel could capture the imagination of the Dundonian public and supporters of both clubs from farther afield.

Thank you for your time and look forward to a positive response soon,

The Editors

Dundee Mad & Dundee United Mad