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Last updated : 03 January 2006 By United Mad
Transfer Window Opens

This will be a recurring feature over the next month, for obvious reasons, though if you're holding out, like me, for us signing Arjen Robben, then I wouldn't hold yer breath!

Mark Wilson, if you believe the rumours, is most likely to be the player that leaves. We don't want him to go, we hope he stays. Celtic are said to be interested, but they've signed several high profile players recently, so I personally think this won't happen.......we'll see.

Also, we won't, sarcasm aside, be making any major swoops I feel. Chisholm has already said in the press that the budget won't stretch to any major signings unless players leave, and the only players we could sell are the good ones, which we'd have to replace. Though we do need a left back.

We'll keep you posted of any developments as and when they happen.

Sheep Cup Tickets Now Available

Aberdeen Cup Tickets now on sale - game this Saturday - be there for our entrance into what is the last competition that we can still win this season! Should be a good game actually - the annual (it seems like it) Cup games with them usually are. Will be a good atmosphere, and whoever loses - their season is over. Ok, I've built it up enough, just go.

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