The Chairman comments on the new Manager.

United chairman Thompson is banking on getting it right this time given the financial impact failure to stay up would have.

“There have been a number of managers appointed by myself and I have to say all those were supported by the fans and media at the time but unfortunately they were not successful,” he said.

This is one point that most readers of Utd Mad would disagree with in the Chairman's comments. For the last few appointments there has been a growing feeling that the manager's position should have been advertised. The Chairman however, maintains he as brought in the right man this time around.

“I think this is a different character altogether and he is not even contemplating relegation. He has experience in all aspects of football; is a hard taskmaster, but that's fair enough; has had to deal with budgets and targets; and succeeded in taking Hearts to third place, while reducing costs at the same time. He has been over the course. Also, he has proved to me he has great contacts here, in England and elsewhere and I am convinced he will be able to find one or two nuggets for us which we haven't managed to find recently. If we can get stability and success on the park that will be great for me because—apart from a little spell under Ian McCall, when we got to fifth in the league, and when Gordon Chisholm got to the Scottish Cup final—here has not been much fun watching the team.”

“Being totally honest, there were many Saturday nights when I wondered why I do it, having already spent £4.3 million and that will easily go over £5 million by the end of the season. Then I wake up the next day and realise why—it is my club and it's in my heart. Like any other provincial team if we get relegated we are in dire circumstances. I have done calculations and, taking into account season-ticket losses, turnstile cash losses, commercial income, SPL money, there would be a £2 million loss if we were not in SPL. It just doesn't bear thinking about. The only person who would keep Dundee United out of administration would be me. Unfortunately, I just couldn't let things go on any longer as I was absolutely terrified that if I left it for another few weeks it would have been difficult for another manager to recoup the situation.”

“Now we need the supporters to back Craig Levein. I know fans tend to like past United heroes and we have had Billy Kirkwood, Paul Sturrock, Paul Hegarty and Craig (Brewster). I hasn't worked out and it does not matter if a person does not have prior contact or experience of this club. It is immaterial if he brings success and it could even prove to be an advantage.”

Most of the comments the Chairman has delivered cannot be argued with and his desire to see Dundee United reach the dizzy heigts once more cannot be questioned. The man has put his money where his mouth is and as the owner is entitled to make decision regardless of how we. The fans. Feel about them.

One of the admin team here, Inveraldie Arab, posted a passionate post on the message boards last night which perhaps best highlights the feelings of some United supporters over the events of the last few days. The point we should all remember is that we support Dundee United FC, not Eddie Thompson, Not Craig Brewster and not Craig Levein. Lets continue our support of the football team we all love.