The Big Team/Wee Team Argument is Won By United

Last updated : 22 January 2006 By United Mad
We have a bigger stadium.

We have a higher average attendance, and have done in all but one of the last 30 [THIRTY] seasons.

We sell more season tickets, and have done for many years. In fact, in the late 90’s, Dundee FC were only selling 700 [SEVEN HUNDRED] season tickets.

Trophy wins actually count for zip when it comes to a club’s SIZE – because if trophy wins were what a club’s size is measured by, Queens Park are ‘bigger’ than both Dundee clubs put together, which we all know isn’t true – they are not a ‘bigger’ club. A more successful one in terms of trophies actually lifted, but not ‘bigger’.

That, as in any league in the world, is decided by how big your stadium is and how many fans you get in it – and we, as demonstrated above, have a bigger stadium, we get more people in it, and have more fans buying season tickets, than the Dundee FC, and that has been compounded this season by the Dundee FC’s relegation, and flop, in the wee league.

Doing things first doesn’t make you ‘bigger’, it just means first. Can it be pointed out that while the word ‘first’ exists, so does ‘overtaken’, and it’s 100% true that Dundee United have overtaken the Dundee FC in all but a few areas – for example they have won one more league cup than us, and they have a record attendance which we’ll never match. Neither will they of course, because their ground is even smaller than ours these days. However, the attendance is history, and we are talking about the bigger club TODAY, not 50 years ago. Trophies count, of course, but saying you are bigger because you had a large attendance FIFTY YEARS AGO does not. It’s today that counts, and Dundee FC are quite simply a smaller club with one more league cup.