Levein the past behind and looking to the future.

As he was unveiled to the waiting press yesterday, new Dundee United manager Craig Levein has revealed how he trusted his instinct when deciding to take over at Tannadice.

Levein, who yesterday agreed a 21/2-year deal with chairman Eddie Thompson to succeed Craig Brewster, disclosed he was guided by his heart, just as he was when moving to Hearts from Cowdenbeath back in 2000.

“I am an awful one for following my feelings and it felt the right place to be. There is a good feeling about this—I don't know what it is but it is similar to when I went to Hearts. A lot of the boxes are ticked for me as regards being able to move the club forward.'

Levein paid tribute to the job done by outgoing manaer Craig Brewster is starting the difficult job he intends to finish. “In many ways this job has already been started. At Hearts and Leicester there was a lot of upheaval but budget-wise here it seems to be pretty stable. There are good young players who can make a big impression and on top of that there is money available in January. I am not pinning all my hopes on those young guys being our better players but it's another thing that adds up, I believe, to our ability to climb the league.”

Levein went on to state that funds would be provided for him to use come January.

“There is a terrific youth set-up here, some good players, a transfer budget available if needed and the chairman is an ambitious guy. Put those all things together and you get something that appeals to me—that's why I'm here.'

Levein will be joined by his trusted right-hand man Peter Houston, while existing coaches Tony Docherty and Stevie Campbell have been recognised for their excellent work at reserve and under-19 levels respectively and will stay on.

Levein, fully appreciates the task ahead but did not shirk from the challenge.

“I fully appreciate the scale of the task before me but I am confident that I can help Dundee United to climb the league. I am under no illusions that there will be an easy quick-fix but I would not have taken the job if I did not believe I could make a difference, nor would I have considered coming to Tannadice if I did not believe there was a determination to succeed within the club. I want to improve the players individually, as units across the field and as a team. I don't want to put pressure on people because that clouds minds and makes people make bad decisions. What I can do is give some clarity and give the players things to think about. There is an element of everybody collectively being responsible for the position the club is in just now. There is a lack of confidence and there appears to be a bit of under-achieving going on as well. We will go back to the very basics, for example, with the defending and make sure everyone understands their role. I will treat everyone on their own merits—but I would expect every player to give everything they've got. If there are people not putting in what they should be putting in then obviously that's a flaw in their character and maybe they are not the type of people we need at the club. I will work with them and get to know them so I can make decisions come January if we need to make changes.”

Levein confirmed he had spoken to Dunfermline about the managers position at East End Park but stated “Like any other business, something else comes up and you have to see if that is right or wrong for you.”

Regardless of the ins and outs of how Craig Levein became the new United manager, everyone at Utdmad.com wishes him the very best in the pursuit of bringing our club back to a level more suited to our stature.