Please Visit http://www.internetfootball.co.uk for more details.

For the princely sum of £4, you can now watch the game live on your PC!!!

The Dunfermline game was broadcast last week by the same company and feedback has been very positive indeed. You will need a decent broadband connection of course, so I wouldn't bother if you have less than a 512k connection speed. I've tried the samples, and they work fine.

Commentary is available for SOME games, though not all, having said that, you do get crowd noise and general atmosphere even if commentary is not available, so you're not viewing the game in silence regardless.

It's a shame that's not available in England, as I feel that they are missing potentially their biggest market here. Anyone living in Plymouth, for example, would not be able to view the game live, though someone living in, say, the north of Eire, or Holland, would, even though they are closer to Dundee than Plymouth is. It's all about UEFA legislation, but hopefully this can be looked into, and sorted in favour of English-based exiles!! (YES WE WANT TO SEE THE GAMES TOO!!!).

For those, like me, who can't see the game live, there is a full match download available after midnight on Sunday for £3, that you can watch and re-watch as many times as you like, though you need a licence to view (that's what you pay your £3 for), and you can't transfer it to other PC's. Understandable.

I hope the idea takes off, as it could be a valuable source of income for United over the coming years - there must be hundreds if not thousands of exiled Arabians just itching to view games.

Lastly, you can still do what the rest of us do, which is listen to the commentary online whilst joining in at the chatroom, which has been getting busier and busier ever since we introduced the password system to keep spammers out. The link for the chatroom is at the messageboard - aoldusc@hotmail.com for the password (please include your messageboard name).