Chisholm Still In Hot Seat As Monday Closes (And Boy, I'll Bet That Seat's Hot!)

Last updated : 10 January 2006 By United Mad
Who would want to be Gordon Chisholm right now? Or Eddie Thompson for that matter?

Stress? The stress these two must be under must be unbelievable!

I for one (and possibly the only one) thinks Chiz should stay. We have nothing left to play for this season except the pride (if you will) of avoiding relegation, and I think our current squad, and the management, is good enough to avoid that.

Taking the position from where we stand now. We are 9th in the SPL. As long as we DON’T suffer a monumental collapse between now and the end of the season we won’t get relegated. Easier said than done of course – but we will manage that I’m convinced.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ll not be happy if we finish 10th or 11th (and even less so if we finish 12th obviously) but I can’t see the point of blowing a huge amount of cash on a new manager at this stage. To achieve what?

Some might argue that the new man would have more time with the players if he started now. So would GC. Others would say that GC has had his chance and blown it. This is difficult to argue with – but it wasn’t Chiz who threw the ball at Crawford’s feet on Saturday, and it wasn’t Chiz with his hand in the air as Adriano raced through the offside ‘trap’ to put United out the UEFA Cup.

Give Chiz the option – top six finish this season, and a major improvement, or he will be graciously asked to step aside. We gave the guy a three-year contract. Why are we now, less than a year in, saying it hasn’t worked? You don’t put a roast in the oven for three hours then after an hour sling it out and get another one because it’s not cooked! We need players who don’t make as many schoolboy errors, not yet another managerial change. Ditch the duffers and duds. Try youth. Try signings. Try anything, but don’t play anyone who is persistently making mistakes. It loses games, and destroys any confidence that has been built up in the camp.

Chisholm’s Not Perfect and He Has a Lot to Learn

A constant criticism levelled at Chisholm is that he cannot change the tactics of a game if the game itself demands it. This again is difficult to argue with, but I rate the man, and I think he responds to criticism. I believe he’ll get things right. And even if he doesn’t, I think the upheaval of a new manager again will do us more harm than good, not to mention cost a fortune at this time of the season – when we have nothing to play for anyway. His late substitutions (or lack of) are a concern to me. Fresh legs are sometimes a good option, I wish he’d use them a bit more, though obviously not just to appease the fans, but I would like him to look at his tactics and subbies a bit more- and change the game if it needs it. We also need to be 100% more mentally tough. It’s one of the oldest phrases in football ‘heads up’ especially if you’ve lost a goal. Our confidence can go from Brazil-esque proportions to Green Mile gloom in the matter of one goal lost – we need to be tougher – it’s just a goal – we were capable of scoring one five minutes ago – why not now? We have the same players on the park!! Pick yerselves up. This is also where we can help – by being more encouraging – being more positive in our support – this is vital. ‘Heads up’ for us too!

I have also heard people say they are not buying a season ticket next season if things stay the same. Why? ….

Ok, yer hacked off – but that’s still no reason to change managers now!! Why not wait till summer? More managers will be available on the managerial merry-go-round, and we could spend the money NOW on a couple of defenders to shore up the defence, because that’s where the problem lies.

Lastly, I must say, that this is the time that we should be blindly following United like we have never done before – this is when our club needs us most – it is their hour of need– let’s not desert them – let’s back the team and the players no matter who is in charge and get right behind them, every Saturday, every day. They need it, and if we don’t want to end up like so many dinosaur clubs before us, then we have no choice. Be an Arab and be proud to be an Arab.