Airdrie preview (second version) by Wishae Arab

Just a quick update seeing as I’ve already previewed this match!

Well there’s an intriguing statistic for those of you interested in that sort of thing: according to Saturday’s match programme the postponement of our tie at New Broomfield was the first time ever we’ve had a league cup tie postponed. After the last two SPL games there might be a few fans hoping that that particular statistic is one of the shortest lasting and a few prayers for rain might well be made before tomorrow night’s game!

Maybe that’s a bit unfair – the CIS cup does allow the team to forget about the pressures at the bottom of the SPL and after all two seasons ago we got to the semi-final of the Scottish Cup amidst a relegation battle!

Eddie Thompson has given Paul Hegarty until the Airdrie game to prove his potential as manager, and frankly anything other than a resounding United win will see ET reach for the P45 forms I reckon.

Prediction? I reckon my original one of a United win in extra time still stands. Sigh.