Who'll be there...

Last updated : 16 June 2010 By buddah

What with the world’s current favourite buzz-word, vuvuzela and its ability to distract from the god-awful football on offer thus far in the World Cup. It’s hard not to let the mind wander to the real important footballing questions such as…which faces are we going to still see at Tannadice come the season’s opener and who will be coming in to strengthen the squad?

 The usual West Coast paper-talk is being used to try and unsettle a variety of United’s better players…if we were to believe those twin bastions of utter keech the Daily Record and The Scottish Sun (as well as Dundee FC's man-in-the-know-feck-all, Tam Duthie), then Craig Conway and David Goodwillie are already as good as gone to Rangers. Thing is, what with the implosion of the sale of their club, Rangers might do better to actually focus on making sure they’re still in business next season rather than trying to do their yearly thing and utilise the papers to help unsettle other teams’ players with a view to getting them to Greyskull (or Never-Never Land as HMRC refer to it) on the cheap.

 As wonderful as it would be to see the same team (with the exception of Andy Webster) start the first game of the coming season, I think we’re all pretty much resigned to the fact that the club would be foolish not to cash in on our current status (we won the Scottish Cup you know) to put a dent in that ever-present debt. So, whether it’s Wee Jimmy Krankie’s Middlesborough (the preferable option to either of the ugly sisters, in truth) or someone else, I for one feel sure that Steven Thompson and the United board will ensure that no-one leaves Scottish Cup winners Dundee United for a derogatory amount.

 At present, we have a great squad with some extremely talented players….lets harness that and the obvious feel-good factor around Tannadice at the moment to give the Euro campaign a real go and bring in some pennies for the club that way too. The future, as everyone clearly knows, is most definitely Tangerine.