Derby Preview by Brig-O-Don Arab

Tick-tok, Tick-tok, Tick-tok, Tick-tok! What’s that noise I hear you ask?.....well it’s either the countdown to the most eagerly awaited Derby game since (well eh, the last one I suppose); or the countdown until (a) the Receivers; (b) the Inland Revenue; (c) the Customs and Excise; or (d) Tayside Police (or if you enjoy a flutter at the bookies, perm any of the above) chappin’ on the doors of Dense Park!

In what could be the last ever Derby, the beaten Scottish Cup finalists and UEFA Cup 1st round cannon fodder (or if you believe all the hype the new 3rd force in Scottish football) venture over Tannadice Street with their galaxy of stars, a few injury worries (aye right – get yer excuses in early baldy) and empty biscuit tin (apart fae a few IOU’s)! With UEFA rewarding their excellent run in Europe with a bye straight into the semi finals of next seasons Forfarshire Cup it’s hard to believe that they are only a mere 6 points ahead of us. Anyway…..enough talk about the BNB’s!

Last weeks performance at Pittodrie was certainly not pretty to watch, but boy were those 3 massive and valuable points. It was as gritty and determined a United performance as this scribe has seen in some time and whilst we would all prefer a little more football, needs must, so more of the same on Sunday would be just dandy please! Taking the fizz and sparkle out of “Champagne Super Novo” and getting in about the “Nachos” of the rest of the Foreign Legion is essential. If the same commitment and passion as last week is applied, they won’t want to know and will be displaying their full repertoire of theatricals!

Injuries have recently led to Ian McCall having to adopt a 4-4-2 formation instead of his favoured 3-5-2. Whilst the former tends to isolate our front men and magnify our lack of pace up front (Samuel and Scotland excepted) it is probably the best way to combat their 4-3-3 system. So there we have it, hopefully by 5pm Sunday there will be no doubt that the “Revolution” is under way.

Oh, one last thing…..a vision of the future?.....

…..Dundee Football Club 1893-2003 Rest In Peace!!!